24 Seater Bus Hire

24 Seater Coach Hire Lancaster

Our experienced company has a 24 Seater coach Hire which can help you with all the trips you need to make in the area. Our Coach Hire Lancaster provides air-conditioned buses for all moderately sized groups. On the most uncomfortable and hot extended nights of summer, you will feel tranquil with our drivers. They will take you and your mates home safely after a night out. At Coach Hire Lancaster, you select your minibus or coach and we charge by the mile. It really is that easy. Customers tell us that some of our competitors add unexpected charges to their invoices which makes the day out a lot more expensive than was originally quoted. You tell us where you want to go and when and we will give you a comprehensive price which includes the services of a driver. We hire coaches for different purposes, including:

  • Corporate Travel;

  • Days out at the coast;

  • Trips to theme parks and other major attractions;

  • School exchange visits;

  • Weddings;

  • Stage and hen parties; and

  • Much more.

We can even give you a quote for a week's tour, to Scotland perhaps or across to Ireland. We can help source accommodation too. Wherever you want to Coach Hire Lancaster will do you a great deal.

Booking With Us

You can book your coach or minibus through the booking portal on our interactive website. It is here that you will find details of our vehicles and special deals. If you book in advance, there is a greater likelihood of you being able to book your first choice of vehicle. Coach and minibus hire prices are affected by the laws of supply and demand.

We have totally capable staff. Our 24 seater Coach Hire Lancaster customer transportation specialists are accustomed to the prerequisites of each one of our clients. In that way, they can help with organising your trip. Connect with them by phone if there are any requests concerning our routes. We by and large give extra options at a fair additional cost. Fundamentally request extra things, for instance, refreshments if you wish.

Our drivers are to an awesome degree familiar with landmarks all over the place. They drive you safely in our air-conditioned 24 Seater coach hire to the best hotels and restaurants around. Our bus has adjustable seats so you arrive at your meeting feeling refreshed. They always have your safety in mind while they take you to the beach or even a museum. This has helped us to keep up our high-security record. Each one of them has extensive training and is known for their courtesy. 

24 Seater Coach Hire Lancaster

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