8 Seater Minibus hire

8 Seater Minibus Hire Lancaster 

The Ford Galaxy 8-seater minibus hire in Lancaster is a great choice for a small group celebration, small family and friend outing or airport transfer. It is ideal for cruising along country lanes or zipping up and down city streets.

Coach Hire Lancaster wants your coach hire to be a happy one. So, if you have any specific needs for your journey such as requiring reconfiguration of seats or seat removal for extra space for luggage or for one or more wheelchairs, the need for park assist sensors for parking better, or other needs, we are happy to find a solution if we can.

Regardless of your needs, Coach Hire Lancaster can provide you with professional coach services needed to make your trip around Lancaster and beyond as memorable and convenient as possible. We have a range of both luxury and standard coaches that are available for hire and get serviced and maintained routinely to ensure comfortable and safe travels. Some of our services include:

Guided Group Tours

Looking to explore Lancaster with a group of friends? We offer guided group tours to several locations across Lancaster with the possibility of creating customized trips and itineraries if you so wish.

Shuttle Services

Do have plans to transport your entire group from a hotel to a certain venue or event? Or perhaps to transport them to a certain park to view wild animals? We have a wide fleet of coaches specifically designed to suit all your needs.

Guests traveling to the fabulous town of Lancaster in the regional expanse of Cumbria, England experience the vast and natural landscape features of the majestic Waveney Valley. The superior choice of the area for grand group transportation is our massive fleet of Mercedes Ford Transits as well as designer Taxis, Lancaster Minibus and Coach Hire models. For truly appreciating the essence northwest England.of booking our 8 seater  Minibus Hire with a driver group special includes a locally skilled operator with broad tourism information. Adding our, chauffeur assistance means any traveling party receives the optimal viewing pleasure with the navigational help of a phenomenal driver.

For a comfortable and enjoyable ride, our 8-seater minibusses can be a great choice for a night on the town, a day-trip or weekend away, or for a long journey with your group. If you would like a driver, to give your whole group the ability to enjoy themselves, without one of them having to be the designated driver; we have an excellent driver service.

Contact us at Coach Hire Lancaster for your 8-seater minibus hire with a driver, or for any minibus or coach hire, as we have both standard and luxury minibusses and coaches available, in our fleet. If you would like an airport transfer or a driver service with your vehicle hire, we are also happy to arrange that too.

8 Seater Minibus Hire Lancaster

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